Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cy Barkley And The Way Outsiders ‘So Bad’ LP – Brand Spankin’ #06

Released July 2012
OK, back to some fresh offerings!  ‘So Bad’ is the new LP from Nashville’s Cy Barkley And The Way Outsiders.  Released on Nashville powerhouse Infinity Cat Records, ‘So Bad’ is like a blueprint for 21st Century rock ‘n’ roll.  It’s pure punk trash from start to stop.  When I say ‘trash’, that’s a good adjective in my view of rock ‘n’ roll.  You know, like how ‘bad’ means ‘good’.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Cy and Co. (fellow Outsiders Josh Shearon and Cam Sarret) named the album ‘So Bad’ because it is sooooo bad!  Head bobbing sing-alongs give way to SST inspired mayhem, just to slide back into a fuzz induced melodic arena.  The LP spins at 45rpm, which is another bonus.  This is a full-length, but the dudes aren’t wasting anyone’s time.  Wanna rock?  OK, play this record and in less than half an hour you can do something else.  Like play it again.  Cy Barkley And The Way Outsiders are carrying the dirty rock ‘n’ roll torch along with the likes of Ty Segall and their label bosses, Jeff The Brotherhood.  It’s a diverse landscape out there for garage and punk inspired tunes and Cy and Co. are blazing a trail that people need to follow.  If this record is your cup o' tea be sure to catch up with the few 7”s they did before this LP.  Cy Barkley has a bunch of things going on, but let’s hope The Way Outsiders are his priority uno!   
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Check out the track 'So Bad' as posted in Nashville Cream!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Statues - Bandage #01

Today I discovered that Statues officially called it quits over the summer.  Statues was one of the first Canadian power-pop-punk bands I came across several years ago and they served as a great bridge to discovering many awesome bands and labels from our northern neighbors.  I hadn’t gotten around to doing a Bandage post yet so I figured Statues would be a fitting subject to break in the category.  Statues formed in 2004 in the town of Sudbury, Ontario.  Has anyone noticed I dig Canadian bands yet?  Over the course of 8 years Statues released four albums- ‘Aux’, ‘New People Make Us Nervous’ (my personal fave), ‘Terminal Bedroom’ and Holiday Cops’.  They also released a slew of 7”s. British Columbia's legendary Deranged Records was their primary home but they did records with a variety of labels including some in the US and Europe.  Statues were front-runners when it came to making Europe a second home by releasing records on Canadian and European labels concurrently and touring both regions regularly.  Many of their peers have been doing the same thing with great success.  Statues really excelled at cranking out KBD inspired tunes with classic pop-punk sensibilities.  I’m glad they left behind dozens of fantastic songs before hanging it up! 
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