Monday, December 24, 2012

Faves of 2012 – Tevs #03

List time folks!  No countdowns or limits, just rad musical thangs that kicked buns this year.  Away we go! 

Digital Leather ‘Modern Problems’ LP- P. Trash/FDH
Guided By Voices ‘Let’s Go Eat The Factory’ LP- GBV Inc.
The Atom Age ‘The Hottest Thing That’s Cool’ LP- Asian Man
Gentleman Jesse & His Men ‘Leaving Atlanta’ LP- Douchemaster
White Wires ‘III’ LP- Dirtnap
Ex-Cult S/T LP- Goner
E.D. Sedgwick ‘We Wear White’ LP- Dischord
Legendary Wings ‘Making Paper Roses’ LP- Dirtnap
Retisonic ‘Robots Fucking’ LP- Arctic Rodeo
Mrs. Magician ‘Strange Heaven’ LP- Swami
Royal Headache S/T LP- What’s Your Rupture?/R.I.P. Society
Ty Segall ‘Twins’ LP- Drag City

Yacht Club ‘Nonavera’ Digital Mixtape
Warm Soda ‘Reaction b/w In Another World’ 7”- Southpaw
The Suicide Notes ‘Suicide Note b/w Beach Song’ 7”- Hovercraft
The Ballantynes ‘Misery’ 7”- La-Ti-Da
Jacco Gardner ‘Where Will You Go b/w Summer’s Game’ 7”- Trouble In Mind
Young Guv & The Scuzz ‘A Love Too Strong’ 12” EP- Southpaw
The Resonars ‘Long Long Thoughts’ 7” EP- Trouble In Mind
Cops ‘Premonitions’ 7” EP- Rob’s House

Total Punk Records- Hottest Singles Series
Hosehead Records- Coolest Cassette Label

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The Resonars= Mind Blowing!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ex-Cult S/T LP – Brand Spankin’ #11

Released November 2012
The self-titled debut album from Ex-Cult (FKA Sex Cult) is, quite simply, a ripper.  I’ve heard them referred to as “future punk” and that’s a pretty fitting description.  Plus it sounds cool as shit.  Ex-Cult blasts fuzzy, angular and cave-person-like tunes without over indulging in one particular style.  There’s urgency to the delivery and it comes with just a touch of pop to hold the fun-yet-ragged edges together.  Produced by Ty Segall and released by Goner Records, this debut delivers instant gratification while leaving more to discover upon repeated listens.  For you Goner fans out there, Ex-Cult could easily wind up being the flagship band of their future.  Either way, Ex-Cult is here and you better hop on before you get left in their space dust.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

E.D. Sedgwick ‘We Wear White’ LP – Brand Spankin’ #10

Released November 2012
The musical trajectory that is E.D. Sedgwick is a nice little ride.  In the beginning, 1999 to be exact, the act was dubbed Edie Sedgwick and featured constant mainstay Justin Moyer along with collaborator Ryan Hicks doing jazzy post-punk tunes about celebrities.  Some time went by and Mr. Moyer picked back up solo in 2004 with more songs about celebrities in a sparse-dancey-electronic fashion.  In 2011 Justin picked up a band, stopped singing about celebrities and started adding more rock elements back into the fold.  That brings us to ‘We Wear White’, the latest effort from the newly spelled E.D. Sedgwick, courtesy of the always-interesting Dischord Records.  The album features Moyer (who goes by E.D. Sedgwick btw) on guitar/vox, JosaFeen Wells on vox, Kristina Buddenhagen on bass/vox and Jess Matthews on drums.  ‘We Wear White’ is a fantastic album of art and aesthetic.  Angular and soulful, the band perfectly executes a unique sound that is as full of attitude as it is memorable hooks.  Tight rhythms, call-and-response vocals, clever lyrics and jagged guitar propel the album from start to finish.  Everything that E.D. Sedgwick hinted it could be over the years has now come to fruition.  If you’re looking for something fresh and creative, look no further than ‘We Wear White’.

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